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Comets Mold testing


917 S Grand View St
Los Angeles California 90006
United States


(213) 557-5090

Welcome to Comets Mold Testing, Your Trusted Mold Remediation Company Los Angeles, CA

Look no further if you are in Los Angeles, CA and have mold-related problems. Comets Mold Testing is here to provide you with top-notch mold remediation services. Our certified experts are equipped with cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly solutions to tackle mold problems effectively. Let's explore the range of services we offer to ensure a clean and healthy living environment for you and your loved ones.

Certified Mold Remediation
Our certified professionals at Comets Mold Testing specialize in mold remediation of residential and commercial properties. We have extensive experience handling mold infestations in all sizes. Our experts will assess the extent and type of mold growth. They will then develop a customized plan and implement techniques that are approved by the industry to eliminate the mold.

Sanitation After Mold Removal
Sanitization is essential to a successful mold remediation. After removing the mold, our team ensures that the affected areas are properly cleaned and sanitized to eliminate any remaining mold spores. We take the issue of sanitation very seriously in order to restore your home to a healthy and safe condition.

Mold Spore Control:
Mold spores can easily spread throughout your property, leading to additional contamination. Comets Mold Testing employs advanced mold spore control methods during the remediation process to contain and prevent further dissemination of mold spores. This helps in minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and ensures that the mold issue is effectively addressed.

Insurance claims for mold damage:
Dealing with insurance companies can be overwhelming, especially when filing mold-related damage claims. Our team is experienced in assisting clients with insurance claims for mold damage. We will provide the necessary documentation and assistance to streamline the claim process, reducing your stress at a difficult time.

HEPA Filters and Mold:
High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters play a crucial role in mold remediation. These specialized airborne mold filters ensure that they are effectively removed from the indoor environment. Comets Mold Testing uses state-of-the art equipment with HEPA filter to enhance the effectiveness of our mold remediation.

Cleaning Agents for Mold:
Using the right cleaning agents is essential for effective mold removal and prevention. Our experts employ eco-friendly and safe cleaning agents specifically designed for mold remediation. These agents will not only remove existing mold, but also prevent its regrowth. This will ensure long-term protection of your property.

Environmental Health and Mold:
We understand that mold growth is often connected to environmental factors. Our team conducts comprehensive assessments to identify the root causes of mold infestations in your property. By addressing the underlying issues, our team can implement tailored solutions that will improve indoor air quality.

Serving Los Angeles, CA, and Surrounding Areas:
Comets Mold Testing is proud to serve the vibrant city Los Angeles, CA and its surrounding areas. Our team is well-acquainted with the unique challenges of mold remediation in this region, such as Santa Monica, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and more. No matter where you are located within the vicinity, you can rely on our prompt and reliable services.

Why Choose Comets for Mold Testing?

Expertise and Experience - Our team of certified professionals have extensive experience in mold removal, ensuring your property is in capable hand.
State-of-the-Art Technology: We invest in the latest equipment and techniques to deliver efficient and effective mold remediation services.
Eco-Friendly Solutions: Comets Mold Testing is committed to using eco-friendly cleaning agents and practices, safeguarding both your property and the environment.
Customer Satisfaction: Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience and a mold-free living environment.
Contact Comets Mold Test Today:
Don't let mold jeopardize your health and safety. Contact Comets Mold Testing to schedule a comprehensive inspection and remediation. Our expert team will work diligently to rid your property of mold and provide you with a clean, healthy, and mold-free living space.


About Los Angeles

Los Angeles (US: (listen) lawss AN-jəl-əs; Spanish: Los Ángeles [los ˈaŋxeles], lit. 'The Angels'), often referred to by its initials L.A., is the most populous city in the state of California. With roughly 3.9 million residents within the city limits as of 2020, Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the United States, after New York City, and is the commercial, financial, and cultural center of the Southern California region. Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate, an ethnically and culturally diverse population, and a sprawling metropolitan area. The majority of the city proper lies in a basin in Southern California adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in the west and extending partly through the Santa Monica Mountains and north into the San Fernando Valley, with the city bordering the San Gabriel Valley to its east. It covers about 469 square miles (1,210 km2), and is the county seat of Los Angeles County, which is the most populous county in the United States with an estimated 9.86 million residents as of 2022.



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